Energy can neither be created nor destroyed;
Energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another.
-Albert Einstein
And this is what our system does, we change solar energy i.e., heat, to cold energy and store it in specially designed Solar Ice batteries.

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Introducing Tusker Cold's state-of-the-art cold storage units

And this is what our system does, we change solar energy i.e., heat, to cold energy and store it in specially designed Solar Ice batteries.

Refrigeration and solar power are a match made in heaven. When it is warm and sunny outside, your coolers and freezers need more power. Tusker Cold’s Solar Ice Technology is a new way to get more out of your conventional refrigeration system.

Our cold storage system uses a unique Solar Ice Technology that provides uninterrupted chilling power during off-grid hours with the help of a thermal energy storage system - we call it a Thermal ice battery.

A thermal battery is different from an electrical battery; it stores thermal energy in the form of ice rather than electrons. Thus, making it more dependable to store and preserve perishable items by eliminating the dependency on grid power or backup of a diesel generator.

Elimination of Diesel Generator ensures reduction of operational and maintenance cost, greenhouse emission and reduced carbon footprint.

  • Cost Efficiency
    For more affordable cold storage models, faster deliveries, and huge savings on the bills!
  • Reliability And Safety
    A cent-percent guarantee of safe & successful cold room installations to save perishables.
  • High Performance
    Our progressive cooling technology offers long-lasting freshness that's second to none!

How does it work

We use a specially designed system that absorbs heat using solar energy and stores it in our thermal ice battery. Once completely charged, which usually takes 5-6 hours in ambient conditions; can keep the cooling system running for over 24 hours, eliminating the need for a diesel generator. It also provides cold energy backup even when solar power is not available.


Expert & customised cooling solutions

Cost Savings

When compared to traditional grid-powered or diesel-powered refrigeration systems, our solar-powered system utilises solar Ice technology, which is a much cheaper alternative. We have estimated that our cold rooms would recover investment costs by saving on electricity and diesel within 3-5 years of installation.

Off-grid Cooling and Refrigeration with Mobile Units

We also supply mobile refrigeration units that operate independently on solar power.
This dependable system can chill 24/7 using our Solar Ice Technology and do not rely on an electrical grid. Perfect for remote locations and transportation of perishable products.

Technical Specifications

The units are modular and are available in custom sizes from 5MT to 20MT. Standard 40 feet and 20 feet container options are also available. Almost all models can have solar panels mounted on the roof.

What Is The Need?

Food wastage is a big challenge for the world. This is especially true in the locations where a large part of the harvest spoils because of high temperatures, bad infrastructure and a lack of refrigeration. In areas without a reliable electric grid, solar-powered cooling units can make the difference.

A Smart Solution?

Tusker Cold’s stand-alone units are modular and do not require an external source of power to operate, whereas conventional systems require an external power source. In addition, our mobile refrigeration units are designed to operate 24/7 with the help of a smart charging station, which stores energy in solar Ice batteries for up to three mobile units simultaneously using solar energy.

At the same time, the solar panels can also be connected to a system that can store extra energy during the day in the form of electricity, which can further be utilised to run any electrical equipment.

This solution is eco-friendly, has no operating costs and requires little maintenance.


Products that save perishables from spoilage across various sectors
Hospitals and Health Centres
Important vaccines and medicines can be safely stored in our cold storage units. This can be extremely important in locations without a reliable electric grid. Tusker Cold mobile refrigeration unit can also store and safely transport vaccines and medicines that require a controlled temperature to maintain their effectiveness and potency to remote locations.
Fish and meat
Refrigeration is a big part of food safety, especially when storing fish and meat. Professional refrigeration is essential for preventing a loss of quality and growth of bacteria. Tusker Cold mobile units can transport from source to market at reduced refrigeration cost.
For holding freshly harvested products awaiting transportation or processing. The cold rooms are designed to store all types of fruits & vegetables and flowers.
Hotels & restaurants
For long term storage of perishable foods like vegetables, fruits, dairy and meat products.
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